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MacBook & Safari Course Completion

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2015 04:34PM EST
There has been a growing trend with MacBook users having difficulties completing the Venza PEAK® courses with certain computer configurations. To ensure successful completion of the training modules, please reference the 3 tips below.

1. Connection Error
2. Missing Navigation Tab
3. Failing to Reach the Summary / Completion Page
1. Connection Error

When launching the course, if you experience the following error message, return to the My Courses page and click Retake. To do this, click the OK button on the error message.

The learning portal should automatically return to the My Courses page. This may take a few seconds. If it does not, Click the Exit button at the top right of the training window.

WARNING: Do NOT click the Continue link in the middle of the page after the training popup has closed. If you relaunch the course using this method, your progress will not be saved nor completion tracked.

After the learning portal has returned to the My Courses page, click Retake.

Click Start to relaunch the course.

NOTE: If this issue persists after multiple attempts, contact support to help you with your computer's configuration.
2. Missing Navigation Tab

If you successfully launch the course, you should be able to see a Navigation tab at the bottom of the course player. If missing, your screen will look like the image below. This Navigation tab must be accessible to complete the training modules.

You have 2 options available to make the Navigation tab viewable.

Option 1 - Resize the training window by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the browser. If you do this, you will see the blue Navigation tab as seen below.

Option 2 - Click the Green Maximize button at the top left of your browser. This will make the window full screen and make the Navigation tab viewable.

3. Failing to Reach the Summary / Completion Page

In order to successfully complete each module and receive credit, you must reach the Summary page of each module and have all Menu items checked off.

If you cannot reach the final page, use the Navigation tab to access the Menu. The menu button is on the far left of the Navigation bar and looks like a table of contents.

Once the Menu is open, ensure all course titles have a check mark next to it.

If any pages are missing a check mark, click the appropriate page in the Menu to complete the page. After all pages are complete, you can use the Menu to navigate to the Quiz or Summary page to complete the course.

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